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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wallace Wyss to Premiere New Art Series

Wyss to Premiere Burnt Sienna Tone Series Prints at Automobilia Monterey

     Wallace Wyss, a frequent contributor to VT, announces that he will have a booth at Automobila in Monterey, an art and memorabilia event that kicks off "Monterey car week."  The booth will be mark the premiere of his “burnt sienna tone” series.
   “From my days as a photographer, I love black and white,” says Wyss, “ and  after I saw some oil paintings of prewar title fights that were all done in various shades of brown and white that evoked the nostalgia of old photographs , I decided to paint some classic race scenes in the same tones. But it hasn’t been easy—when I go to print, the color control is much more critical because I don’t have all a full color palette to work with.  But it’s rewarding when I do succeed and I think I will find some enthusiasts for this technique, which has a sort of built-in nostalgia.”

    By the time of Monterey, he expects to have several Cobra and several Ferrari racing scenes available as limited edition prints on watercolor paper, sized 12” x 18,” but will still be offering full color prints as well.   Automobilia Monterey takes place Tuesday August 14 and Wednesday, August 15, at The Ballroom of The Embassy Suites, located on US 1, just north of 68 [to Laguna Seca & Salinas.

Photos and hopefully even some samples to be available to Cobra-Ranch after the event.  Stay tuned!

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