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Thursday, June 7, 2012

1963 Race Cobra for Sale in Belgium
      This car, CSX2112, was originally sold as a street car. But it has been in race specs since the mid 1970s. It was last raced in 2009 and is ready to race. Race equipment that goes with the car is a spare set of wheels, a differential and an additional engine. The dealer is RMD, over in Belgium near Brussels.

      RMD has been active in the buying and selling of classic cars for the last 15 years and has gradually evolved towards selling classic race cars for today’s historic rallying and racing. They also do their own racing and rallying.

      Their address is RMD , Zilverstraat 14 - 16
2900 Schoten Belgium. For more details write Marc Davis, salesinfo@rmd.be. Tell them Cobra Ranch sent you...

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