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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?

     Well, it seems writing a book takes a toll on available keystrokes per day.  Not only has time been poured into producing literature, but also research and general focus.  Several stories were put on hold, and may be irrelevant now, and for this I apologize, but in exchange, you will soon be able to pick up 50 chapters of automotive treasure hunting. 
A snippet from the publisher:
     Barn Find: no two words are more exciting to a car collector. All over the world, car collectors compete for that ultimate find—a rare model car forgotten in a barn and covered with dirt and boxes that can be bought for a song. If it's the right car, it can make you a fortune. This book is about just some of those barn finds—the $2 million Corvette prototype given away to the first person who asked; the mysterious Oldsmobile “dream car” found dismantled in boxes; the one-off mid-engine Cobra, and most prized of all, the “dream cars” of the 1950’s - documented concept cars that once graced the revolving platform of the world’s auto shows. Barn Finds also reveals the cars that are still out there, unaccounted for, and waiting to be found – maybe in a barn very near you!