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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Lust and Desire

The Tesla S.  If only I had $70k USD to set aside for a premium model.  Sure it's not a Shelby, But I find something so alluring about a vehicle that doesn't have to be fueled.  Sure the electricity bill will go up, but it doesn't have to be MY electricity.  let's just say I have an extension cord and a few people I have in mind that I wouldn't mind "visiting" for a few hours at a time.  Now if you're thinking, "bah, it's just some EV that looks like the bastard child of a Prius and an Aston Martin."  Perhaps.  Rather than offer a rebuttal I'll simply leave you with this:

I was hoping for a flying car back in 2000, but I'd say driving one of these babies and coming home to a parking space or garage with a built-in induction charging station would be a warm welcome to the twenty first century.


  1. Sexy sexy car indeed.

    I don't drive, I'd much rather have an awesome bicycle with flashing lights and a built in laptop but still, if I drove... I'd have to rob me one of these.

  2. wow, car tech evolves so quickly, thats awesome.

  3. Oh my, that’s some sexy freaking piece of engineering!

  4. Omg, is that 4 real? does it charges like that?

  5. Yeah man, it's an aftermarket charger, but it is totally charging wirelessly. When Wallace was driving a Tesla the force of the car pushed him all the way back into his seat. If I had the cash I'd be pre-ordering a Tesla S right now. $70k USD with $7k tax credit is a steal for a 300m range vehicle when you consider the alternatives out there. If the 7 series BMW seemed like a waste of cash before...

    ~H. Coct